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Vieve Gotle

Vieve still couldn’t believe that half her wall had just disappeared as if it had never been there in the first place. She couldn’t believe that somehow Ricardo was responsible for it. Oh wait, he could see her couldn’t he? A smile crept across her face hopefully his was watching right now. She held up her hand with her palm facing her into front of her face. Slowly she put down her thumb then her pinky, then her pointer finger and last her ring finger. That left just one finger left for Ricardo and she hoped that he got the message. How were Candice and Vinnie doing Vieve wondered she knew that they both had started the game as well. If she had to take a guess it would be that Vinnie who would be the Ricardo and Candice as herself in their situation. Vieve pulled up her dress in the front to make sure Ricardo couldn’t get anymore of an eyeful. A bing signaled that she had a message from Candice, oh thank god.
archaicMiracle pestered paintSplatter
AM: Hello there
AM: Hope you don't me dropping in

PS: Sorry, I didn’t notice these…
PS: I just did the most embarrassing thing, ever.
PS: Vinnie probably thinks I’m a blind duck. ):

AM: It's cool....what happened?
AM: I'm also in some kind of problem at the moment too.

PS: We got bigger things to worry about
PS: Hear me out this may sound a bit crazy…
PS: Apparently Ricardo can see me and he just made my wall vanish
PS: And what’s wrong? Couldn’t find a dress that you liked? :)

paintSplatter ceased pestering archaicMiracle
A meow came from beneath Vieve from her kitten Tiberius he seemed to want some attention. He was a calico kitten who was mostly black with orange paws and white circles trailed down his spine. Vieve lifted him from the ground setting him on her lap so he’d be more comfortable. His pelt looked very dark compared to her white dress, he was still the cutest thing ever. A memo popped up on her computer screen she hesitated to open it because it was from Ricardo and he wasn’t her favorite person in the world right now.
babelsEngineer added paintSplatter, archaicMiracle and bemyValentine to the board
BE: Hey guys, I figured I should probably start this up because I don't feel like typing everything I want to say thrice.
BE: Also, try not to clutter this memo with unimportant stuff, this is only for things of top importance pertaining to SBURB!
BE: Anyways, I just figured I should let you all know that I'm about to start deploying all this free stuff up in Vieve's pad(?)
BE: Wish me luck.
BE: PS, someone's started pestering me lately, I think his(her?) chumhandle is rampageTeller.
BE: Anyways, I know it sounds weird, but he(she?) seems to know what he(she?)'s talking about, so contrary to my better judgement, I'm going to listen to him(her?)
BE: Actually writing he(she) all the time is kind of tiring, so rampageTeller will hitherto be referred to as a male
BE: ****! I already cluttered this freaking memo by myself…
BE: Stupid!
BE: Alright then, I'm out.

archaicMiracle responded to memo
AM: I can add by saying I have a mystery guy, or girl, with the handle velociClamper, if that helps any. Vinnie already deposited, I think it was Cruxtruder or something of the sort.
AM: I don't know about any of you...but I'm listening to what Veloci says, in this case, the stranger who started talking to us. Apparently there's...two of them?

paintSplatter responded to memo
PS: Ricardo’s too busy erasing my room.
A big sigh of relief escaped from Vieve's mouth at least she wasn't the only one going through this but apparently Candice and Vinnie were ahead of them. Ricardo better get his game on because she was not going to lose to the likes of Vinnie. Vieve touched the pendants at her neck, what if this game required some sort of weapon but it had already taken her steak knife. She would have to think about this in depth later because right now she was a little preoccupied with thinking about this dang wall.

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