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Rin Shavi
Game Over

The pokeball bounced off of the Diglett and laid open on the ground. "Crap, crap, crap!" Rin said, running over to the pokeball, trying to close it. Unfortunately, it was no use, it was broken. ", this can't be happening..." She said. She ran in front of the Diglett and held her knife in front of her with both hands. She was shivering and scared, it was rare that she actually fought Ghost Types; they generally didn't wander the forest. The Gastly didn't attack right away, instead it snickered, and waited. It seemed to be relishing in her fear. She looked left and right, but was unable to find anything to fight the Gastly off with. It then gazed into her eyes. For a moment, she returned its gaze, but quickly looked away after realizing that its plan was to hypnotize her into sleep. She then decided to take a gamble, one that she wasn't sure would work, given that the Gastly was a ball of Gas. She quickly opened her back, glancing back to see if the Gastly were going to attack. She then pulled out her Blanket and threw it over the Gastly, and due to the weight of Gastly's body and gas, it stayed over it. She then quickly took out a match, lit it, and then set fire to the blanket. Gastly, set ablaze, flew amuck. It was engulfed in flames, and without assistance, there was no way out. Rin then had a choice to make: she could either let the Gastly burn until it eventually died (if it even could, but it was more than likely a ball of gas than an actual ghost) or capture the pokemon and save its life. She thought about simply pouring water on it, but the blanket covered so much surface area that the fire was too large and too intense to be put out by a bottle of water, the water would just evaporate. The Diglett was desperately using Sand Attack trying to save the Gastly, but to no avail. The Gastly didn't scream; it couldn't, the Gastly was merely a sentient fireball at this point; it was a miserable sight, really. It tried hopelessly to put out the fire. Rin thought that it really would all be for naught if the one who saved her regretted the death of the attacker. She didn't even know what its reasons were for attacking her, it looked like it was doing it for fun; maybe it didn't actually mean any harm. She reached into her fanny pack and pulled out one of her pokeballs, throwing it at the Gastly. "It's interesting, normally I wouldn't hesitate to kill someone who's not only threatened my life, but the lives of others unjustly. We'll find out what to do with you," she said as she awaited the pokeball's decision. She then turned to the Diglett and crouched down, saying, "Are you alright? It got a little sticky back there, but you'll be okay now...hopefully." Suddenly, she heard a screech, several of them, actually.

Five Zubats started zooming above her head. She was jarred by the situation; she'd just beaten a Gastly (hopefully, she wasn't able to pay attention to the pokeball with the newly arrived enemies) and her starter was asleep, not too mention that her only ally was a grounded Diglett against several aviary creatures. Luckily, they wouldn't be able to be able to phase through her knives like the Ghost-Type was. They swooped down and used Leech Life on both her and the Diglett. If there had been only one of these creatures, this would not have been a problem, but in numbers they were an incredible threat. Rin held her Light Knife in her Right Hand and her other knife in her left. She tried to his them, but they never went down low enough to be able to hit them. The Diglett used Sand Attack, however this made it difficult for both parties to see. The sound of a ravenous bark came out, and when the dust cleared a Zubat was on the ground, unconscious, with Feign standing victoriously behind it. "Feign, you're alright!" Rin exclaimed. Then, as if something had provoked them, the four remaining Zubats all used Leech Life on Rin. She yelled in pain, and then trembled backwards. They then focused their attention on the Diglett and used Leech Life once again. Rin jumped in the way, protecting the Diglett, but almost losing consciousness as a result. She fell to the ground, unable to move. Feign Tackled another Zubat, knocking it unconscious, but then the three remaining used Supersonic, disorienting Feign. After this, they promptly released an onslaught of Leech Life attacks on the Diglett. It tried to escape, but due to its being confused it was unable to. The attacks mercilessly battered the defenseless Diglett, until finally, its lifeless body sunk underground.

The Zubats, thinking nothing of their murder, attacked Feign next. He had overcome his confusion by this point, and thus, was able to dodge some of the attacks, but even still, he was hit by quite a few shots. If she were able to, Rin would have told him to run away, but she was almost literally a broken woman. Slowly she was regaining energy, but very slowly. Then, out of no where, one of the Zubats simply fell to the ground. The remaining two were covered in a familiar smoke, and after being enveloped for a few moments, they fell as well. Rin struggled to turn her head to where she "captured" the Gastly, but all she saw was a broken Pokeball. She then looked up to see...

...the Gastly from just before. It smelled of burning linen, and it was likely the forcing of that smoke, along with it's naturally poisonous properties, down the throats of the creatures that killed the Zubats. It's gas was thicker and lighter than before, resembling smoke from a fire, but still keeping the hue and weight that the Gastly originally had. It returned to its completely gaseous state, and it didn't look happy at all. It approached Rin, most likely in an attempt to finish her off, but Feign let out a few aggressive barks that gained its attention. "Fei..." Rin said in a very low voice, unable to speak loudly. This was her only chance, she already lost one pokemon that day, she wasn't going to lose another. She used all of her strength to pick up her arm and reach her backpack. Unfortunately, time wasn't on her side, and the Gastly was faster than before as well, it clearly wasn't playing around, and it was most certainly a danger to Feign's life, as well as Rin's. Feign tried to run in different directions to divert the Gastly's attention for as long as he could. Rin's arm trembled as she very slowly unzipped her backpack and put her hand on the Escape Rope inside. "Fe...Feig..." She said, trying to call Feign over. Feign was clearly trembling, he had already sustained damage from the Zubats, and he wasn't able to go on for much longer. Rin was unable to yell, and her voice began to become raspy. As a substitute, she tried whistling. The first few whistles were small and disjointed, but finally she was able to create a loud enough whistle that it reached Feign. Feign ran over to Rin and noticed her hand on the Escape Rope. He took the end of the rope and threw it up, transporting the two out of the Temple. Rin laid near the front of the table, unable to move, and Feign was trying to stay strong for her, licking her face and curling up against her, despite the fact that it was suffering from acute poisoning. Tears streamed from Rin's eyes; even though the Diglett wasn't hers, it protected her like it knew her for its entire life, and she was unable to do the same.
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