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October Carter -

Phanpy stumbled over to October wearily; exhausted from the fighting it had endured and nearing its limits. She gave the cute blue elephant an small pat on the top of its trunk as it dropped the Pokeball that held the Zubat within. “Good boy,” October croaked before returning the blue elephant to its Pokeball so it would remain safe and relax for the next couple of minutes it would take for her to stumble over to the man.

Lucky for her, he had come running over, noticing that all the Pokemon had flown away into the night. He wrapped his arm around her waist, lifting her up off the ground and guiding her back to the flood of light that was his house. October still managed to hold her bag limply in her right arm as the shuffled over to his hut, the flood of light making October’s vision blur and she almost stumbled across the welcome mat. But soon her vision cleared enough to see the simplicity of the hut swallowed by the intricacies of the geological machinery and paper work that lay scattered around the walls and floor. He swiped a couple of rogue papers off the single mattress bed that lay in one corner, laying October carefully on to it. Dizzy from the lights an somewhat lost at where she was, she simply lay on the bed, trying not to blackout as she felt cool liquid sting the wounds on her body.

“Relax please, this may sting, but I need to clean out the wounds before I put antiseptic on and cover them, can’t have the wounds festering now, can we?” The man had a quiet, timid voice, making October have to concentrate harder in order to listen to him. She nodded at him in agreement, her voice too sore to speak, but was pretty sure it looked more like a spasm than a nod.

“Thanks,” she managed to draw out and croak as she felt the cooling antiseptic cream sink into her wounds prior to the tightening bandages he placed on it; her hand still gripping her backpack tightly while her other hand held the shrunken balls that housed her dear Phanpy and newly acquired Zubat. Drearily, she promised to herself that she would name them both in the morning; Tantor and Zazu respectively.

“No problems. You need to rest up though,” he took the balls out of October’s hand, placing them on a weird contraption making October squirm and cry out in anger and pain, “settle down, it’s to heal them, silly girl, take these.” He handed her two tablets and held a small cup with a trickle of water in it, “One is a pain medication, the other a sleeping pill, and you will need the water to get them down your throat.”

October bent forward, grimacing in pain as she placed the tablets in her mouth, feeling them begin to dissolve in her mouth leaving a disgusting, sand-like reside. She gulped down the small sip of water and the tablets with it. The last thing she remembers is seeing the man pull a blanket over her body and retreating to a desk where the computer screen ran with lines of data and variables, lighting up his glasses. Soon she was in the land of dreams; relaxing in a the shade of a giant oak tree, on a brilliantly sunny sky as Zazu and Tantor played in the long grass together; Zazu a fully grown Crobat and Tantor a massive Donphan: the two of them the best of friends.
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