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    Richard Lee Ambrose

    Richard was forced to take a hurried step back as someone reached right across him and snapped up the very item he had been looking at, buying it and running off before he even had a chance to say anything! Incredibly frustrated he decided to take out his notebook and a pencil, quickly sketching out the design of the glyph as best he could remember it. It was probably a forgery and even if it was genuine, it probably meant nothing. But Richard, having studied Pandora his entire life, had performed a different kind of research during the trip here to try and ensure he was prepared.

    He had been riding adventure and mystery novels the whole way here, trashy paperbacks with titles like "The World is Houndoomed" or "A Wurmple in Time". And one thing he had learned from those cheap books was that an apparently insigificant occurence early in the story was usually revealed to be a vitally important clue in the protoganists investigations. A strange glyph being snatched away by a mysterious stranger before he had a chance to purchase it? That was exactly the kind of thing that investigators like Machoke P. Gastly (the man raised by pokemon) would never overlook.

    After he had sketched out the glyph to the best of his memory Richard purchased a bottle of water and an extra set of rations, storing them away in his pack, and set off through the village again. As much as he hated to admit it, he was going to have to find an inn or hotel soon. He couldn't go all night like these other hunters and was going to need to hit the hay soon.

    "I know, I know. I'm looking for somewhere we can stay."
    "Tret!" The bushy tail bashed him in the face again, the swung in the direction of a queasy looking man with a camera. He seemed to have asked Richard something, but he'd been so wrapped up in his own thoughts he'd completely missed it.
    "Oh, sorry, I was sewaddled up in my own head there, lost on cloud arcanine I'm afraid." With a closer look he realised it was one of his fellow passengers from the ferry, who seemed to be inseperable from his camera - taking snapshots of just about everything when he wasn't too busy water gunning his guts over the side of the boat. "Did you want a picture?" He asked, deducing it was a safe bet, even if it perhaps hadn't been what was asked.

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