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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

Ragnaros flew above the ancients once again, with his shoulder bleeding and a huge wound somewhere on his head (he couldn't really tell); he shook the pain away and focused his attention on the battle that was raging on. Some of the Gold Tribe members were gathered up - he also saw Dark Lightning carrying Hoodhide, who appeared to be dead. He blessed himself for thinking of helping them before. But then he saw a massive hole on his body; the Zebstrika would surely die, but he seemed to be up to something. The Salamence watched as Dark Lightning valiantly charged at the ancients, leaving the others room to leave; he nodded his head forward, acknowledging the honourable death of a fellow Gold Tribe member. He took his eyes from the Zebstrika before the fatal moment arrived - he dove near the ground, next to his friends and flew next to them as they ran.

As they reached the forest, Hanso appeared. Ragnaros would tell him later how good it was to see him, or he wouldn't tell him at all.

'I hate it when this sort of thing happens,' the Gallade said and he channeled his teleportation powers, taking the Gold Tribe away from the ambush site almost unscathed...


They were in a forest, probably where Hanso had told him to take Lyn to, between Liberty Forest and Sovereign Rainforest. The Salamence opened his mouth wide and inhaled, causing a strange, rambling sound that was his belly. He eyed Hanso's food with jealousy.

'Everyone tell their part of today's ambush, don't leave out anything that might be important. Do not explode on Noctus there-' Hanso jerked his head at Noctus. '-no matter how much you might want to. He's not Roswell.'

Ragnaros walked next to Hanso, with his feet falling heavy on the ground. His battle with Sovereign had taken a great toll on his health, but he would be alright in a few days. He well-hid his exhaustion from his expression as he stared at Noctus.

'No, we won't hurt him, but he owes us an explanation. Roswell betrayed us and he's the prince of his stupid forest, isn't he?'

TrueStriker finished his food and eyed Penance and Hoodhide.

"Now, the real leader here, take over. I'm checking Hoodhide before we go anywhere. Anyone with healing experience, come over now."

But Penance started speaking and giggling. Ragnaros had a headache from the hit he had taken by Sovereign's stone, and the Golduck only made it worse. He was in a terrible mood; he wanted to crush something, anything. As Penance continued to speak without any reason at all, the Salamence couldn't help but exploding from anger.

'Enough of this nonsense! Snap out of it, will you?'

He turned to the others, trying to calm himself down.

'What's wrong with this wack-o? Did somebody hit him in the head?'

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