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    I haven't seen any of that radio stuff but i saw the transcript posted earlier and they seemed much more like the trio of old.
    I stumbled across something interesting the other day and it made me think about all the different 'versions' of the rocket trio. I thought that everyone has different ideas of what they want them to be. Really evil, sinister villains willing to harm anyone to get what they want? Ineffective clowns who have the ambition to be evil but not the ability? Or do they have a heart of gold they just try to repress but often finding themselves acting as the good guys because that's what they really are?
    Also brings in their relationships with Ash, Pikachu and his friends. Do they really hate each other? Or do they actually like each other and the constant struggle between them is more friendly then it seems.
    I lean more towards the trio being good guys in denial (James more then the other two) and that they really do like Ash and co (Meowth-Pikachu have a great friend-foe relationship). Wondering where the rest of you think Team Rocket trio belongs on the scale of morality?
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