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    So i decided that i would go with an Original, and chose Silver over SS.

    -Did the start stuff.
    -Picked Totodile (duh!) named Neptune
    -Grinded to Lv. 7
    -Did the Mr. Pokemon thing
    -Beat Rival (Ranga) xD
    -Went to Violet Town
    -Neptune evolved into Croconaw
    -Got Badge
    -Went to Azalea Town
    -Got a Slowpoke, for reasons i don't know i called it Troll xD.
    -Beat Ranga again
    -Went To Goldenrod City
    -Beat Whitney, Slowpoke is Lv. 22, Neptune is Lv. 24
    -Got SquirtBottle
    -Owned that faked tree
    -Arrived in Eructeak
    -Beat the Kimono Girls and recieved HM 03 (Surf)
    -Got Eevee, named it Dissolve Jr
    -All pokes except eevee are Lv. 27

    Btw does anyone know where to get a Water Stone IN JOHTO? I want my Vaporeon

    The Team:

    Troll The Slowpoke, Lv. 27

    -Water Gun

    Neptune the Croconaw, Lv. 27

    -Water Gun
    -Ice Punch

    Dissolve Jr The Eevee, Lv. 20 (Pending to be on team)

    -Tail Whip

    Right. Will do more tomorrow.
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