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Sovereign could only watch as the remaining Gold Tribe members made their escape. Crap. More of them escaped. But it wasn't all bad news. A Zebstrika had stayed behind to hold them back. He was clearly wounded beyond the ability to stand, yet there he was. How noble. But it is a waste. Sovereign then approached the other Sentinels.

"What do we do now? They're getting away." He hoped with all his heart that no one saw him let the Dragon get away. It was none of their business what he did anyway. He was sure that he was safe for the time being though. They were all too busy in the battle anyway to notice what he was doing.

But even as he stood there, he had an eerie feeling. What happened out there. He knew that his father could not possibly have been talking to him, since it was sovereign himself who had killed him. What's happening to me?