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Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
This game is quite good! I have just beaten the first Gym Leader, after a few tries... I am enjoying it a lot. Nonetheless, I have found this problems so far:


It reads "Prygon-Z", instead of Porygon-Z

I think the picture is self-explanatory...

These ones are less important:

It reads "countinue".


The Gym Leader also says "Bedge" instead of badge a couple of times, but I didn't capture a screen of that.

Apart from that, I found a wild Roserade in Dead Volcano! Was that intentional?:


OMG, A wild Roserade!

I caught it:

Its Pokédex description corresponds to a Fire-type Pokémon, so maybe that's why it is in the Cave?

This hack is amazing, keep up with the good job! If I find more things, I'll tell you.
Thank you for reporting these bugs,I'll fix them immediately,these bugs won't exist in the next released beta/version.
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