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I think I'll finally dig out my DSi again....

Username: yaminokaabii
Game: Platinum
Optional: Nickname all Pokes, blackout is game over, SET battle style, no duplicates

EDIT: Erm, Update 1?

Just defeated the Oreburgh Gym. Psyched and King Kong wiped the floor of it. I'm too lazy to go any farther today.

Current Party:

King Kong, the Quiet Monferno (Male, lv 15)
-Mach Punch

Psyched, the Hardy Psyduck (Female, lv 11) (Yes, I am also unimaginative today)
-Water Gun
-Water Sport
-Tail Whip

Mockingjay, the Impish Starly (Male, lv 12)
-Wing Attack
-Quick Attack

The Thing, the Modest Geodude (male, lv 5) (newly caught)
-Rock Smash
-Defense Curl
-Mud Sport

First Encounters:

Twinleaf Town - Lv 5 Chimchar, starter, named King Kong
Route 201 - Lv 3 Starly, caught, named Mockingjay (yes I do like Hunger Games. the books, not the actual Games. thank goodness it wasn't Bidoof!)
Route 202 - Lv 2 Bidoof, caught, named Justin B. (spoke too soon....)
Route 203 - Lv 4 Abra, fled (DAMMIT TELEPORT!!! D: I DID try tossing a Poke Ball but my hopes were in vaaaiiiin)
Oreburgh Gate - Lv 6 Psyduck, caught, named Psyched (so not creative)
Oreburgh Mine - Lv ? Zubat, defeated (like an idiot, I forgot I was on a Nuzlocke. Then again I didn't really want a Zubat.)
Route 207 - Lv 5 Geodude, caught, named The Thing (more not-creativity)


Justin B. the male Bidoof (died in Oreburgh Mine. can't say I was sorry to see him go.)


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