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    Adeline Densetsu
    Divine Water

    Addie picked up a loaf of bread and scrutinized it as the teen responded with an "Uh…" Good answer. Addie looked away from the bread after a brief silence and returned her gaze to the boy as if to make sure he hadn't suddenly poofed away. The guy turned red faced, either nervous about something or maybe it was a Sacred Fire thing. Joking aside, he probably wasn't comfortable with talking to people from Divine Water.

    Had Addie been a compassionate person, she would have left him alone. But she wasn't, so she decided she would stay here and continue talking to him for as long as possible. There wasn't anything else to do, might as well make friendly conversation. The little Vulpix he had with him barked as if to encourage him to say something comprehensible.

    "It's good, really good. Then again, I'm not that good of a cook, so I usually eat ramen cooked in broth," he said. He can speak! He looked down at the noodles in his dish. Addie wasn't an expert with foods so all she could make of it was noodles. "...You're okay with speaking to someone from the Sacred Fire family?" the teen asked. So he was from Sacred Fire. "Yes, why shouldn't I be?" Addie asked calmly, placing the bread on her plate and sitting down. "What happened years ago was a big misunderstanding if you ask me." Fulgora quickly grabbed the bread from Addie's plate, but the girl merely smiled and grabbed another for herself. "It's very unfortunate that it had to happen."
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