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The way to get into the gauntlet is very unconventional and has never been done in a legitimate Pokemon Game. However, I know it's been done in at least one hack.

Anyways, despite how it may appear, the S.S. Anne wasn't the only thing opened up to you by completing the guantlet. Think of another key item you got on the way through it. That item (in a rather roundabout way) allows you to access another route you couldn't reach before. By completing that route, you will have access to Cerulean.

Confused? (Spoiler tag contains spoilers!)
You got the bike in Cerulean Gauntlet. Take it to Cycling Road to get fly. Fly to Cerulean.

Also, this game uses Lunar IPS because I was new to this forum upon releasing it. Some forums want you to use a patch as to avoid linking ROMs, but I suppose this one is okay with it. Didn't want to take the risk, so I used a patch.
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