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Okay, some Pokemon I don't get: Klingklang. Like, I know it's a huge gear in appearance. I guess it's Unova's version of Magneton or something. When I first saw it, I'm like "what is GameFreak doing...?". Stunfisk is another. It has a derpy face, and I probably would have called it the Unown ! to be something else. Dunno what Scraggy's supposed to be, other than a chameleon or something along those lines. XD I find it cool, but yeah.

Keldeo looks like a My Little Pony thing instead of a Musketdeer. Even it's new form suggests this. XD

And man, Tynamo. It appears...ugh. D: It has such a cute cry, but ugh. Lol.

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I don't quite agree with Ice Cream becoming Pokemon it makes me laugh and hungry!
Vanilite makes me hungry, too. And it has such a cute face. <3 Vanilluxe, too. But, the second one, I forgot what it was called (as I've never raised one), also has a funny face. They should make another Pokemon based off food. XD

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Also Stunfish, a Pokemon seems to be odd
Exactly what I mean. It's sprite makes me laugh a bit, though.
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