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    Candice Greyson

    Waiting for him to respond was awful. I couldn't take it in...every second felt like a whole hour. Maybe because I was always competitive in games, especially when it's one about life and death. Well, I'm not sure about that last part, but it's close enough. Besides, I still have a few cards left, right? A few of those pink ones.

    "Why did they have to be pink? Out of all colors. Pink. How amusing," I mumbled to myself. With the swift movement of my hand, a wallet pops into my hand. The two free cards were still inside. 'Okay, so I have Mr. Fluffly, a pack of Mountain Dew, and my old skateboard. So that leaves me with two free spots. Oh the urge was unavoidable,' I make a mental note, adding a few quirks for the humor of it. Really, could it get any better? This game was made for me. "I wish I could live in this game with such magic," was what I wanted to say, but I knew Vinnie would somehow think I'm weird if he heard that.

    Glancing around the room, my thoughts wouldn't stop clashing inside me. Too much mystery here...and that Veloci guy, or for now I'll refer to him as the guy named Veloci, is obviously my only ticket out. Nothing else can be said about the matter. As if on cue, the computer beeps out a notification from Pesterchum. It was Veloci again.

    "Wow, that was sure quick," I say as I open the tab.

    -- archaicMiracle began pestering velociClamper --
    AM: Yeah I had to learn the hard way.
    AM: Will do then.
    AM: And yes I am. It's the only reason I got a weapon.

    VC: to your strife specibus? good! great!!
    VC: ok listen I know this must seem a bit strange
    VC: or very strange!
    VC: but I want to help, that's all.
    VC: so one thing at a time!
    VC: I remembered about the pre-punched card! vinnie will be able to deploy it AFTER he's deployed the totem lathe!!
    VC: according to a friend of mine
    VC: it just appears in the phernalia registry then.
    VC: oh don't mind the names btw
    VC: vinnie hopefully sees and understands if you tell him!

    AM:It's ok.
    AM: I'm use to the strange by now.
    AM: This is also hard to say, but I do trust you.
    AM: Not sure if it came out right.
    AM: But you know a lot more about this than me and Vinnie combined.
    AM: So yeah...
    AM: The...phernalia? I'll make sure to pester him about it then.
    AM: Somehow I hope I remember.

    Okay, I managed to get that out of my system. He sure sounds nice and all, but my dad taught me not to judge a book by it's cover. As nice and helpful as he sounds, he may be a completely different person on the other side of the screen. Oh well, guess I'll learn the hard way.

    The charms around my neck felt cold against my touch. Curiosity decided to take over, my hand playing around with the charms. Both wallets came out, one in each hand. Maybe there was more to this. It WAS magic, so there SHOULD be other ways to take it out. Already I figured out how to take out an item out of sheer thought...thanks to Mr. Fluffly! Oh Mr. Fluffly, such a cute teddy bear. Oh wait, what am I thinking?!

    Dropping the wallet with the pink cards with one hand, and opening the other wallet with the other hand, the laptop started to beep and catches me off guard. The cerise charm forms back as I turn around and face the screen. It seems Vieve has finally responded back...and the memo also had her response.

    -- archaicMiracle pestered paintSplatter --
    AM: Hello there
    AM: Hope you don't me dropping in

    PS: Sorry, I didn’t notice these…
    PS: I just did the most embarrassing thing, ever.
    PS: Vinnie probably thinks I’m a blind duck. ):

    AM: It's cool....what happened?
    AM: I'm also in some kind of problem at the moment too.

    PS: We got bigger things to worry about
    PS: Hear me out this may sound a bit crazy…
    PS: Apparently Ricardo can see me and he just made my wall vanish
    PS: And what’s wrong? Couldn’t find a dress that you liked? :)

    -- paintSplatter ceased pestering archaicMiracle --
    -- archaicMiracle pestered paintSplatter --
    AM: You're trying to make my day awful, aren't you?
    AM: Dresses are just things I would never dare touch.
    AM: But besides that
    AM: You're not alone.
    AM: I have no idea whether Vinnie can do that to my room or not
    AM: But he deployed some...device in the middle of my room.
    AM: Do you believe in magic by the way?
    AM: I seriously do now.
    AM: I swear I wont be surprised if I see a magic wand.
    AM: Yes I believe in magic.

    I had to stop there. Typing so much was so...not like me. Reading over it...I could tell I was going insane. Magic had already taken over my mind by then, apparently. Even talking about magic felt more like a dream. My dreams were always about doing spells and stuff. Although all I can do is take objects out of PINK cards for now...

    The wallet with the weapon was still in my left hand. Looking down, I thought about the many ways I could somehow take it out without the need to constantly take out the wallet and card. Nothing came to mind though, so I pushed the thought aside and continued to the Memo. Time to read the Memo.

    babelsEngineer added paintSplatter, archaicMiracle and bemyValentine to the board
    BE: Hey guys, I figured I should probably start this up because I don't feel like typing everything I want to say thrice.
    BE: Also, try not to clutter this memo with unimportant stuff, this is only for things of top importance pertaining to SBURB!
    BE: Anyways, I just figured I should let you all know that I'm about to start deploying all this free stuff up in Vieve's pad(?)
    BE: Wish me luck.
    BE: PS, someone's started pestering me lately, I think his(her?) chumhandle is rampageTeller.
    BE: Anyways, I know it sounds weird, but he(she?) seems to know what he(she?)'s talking about, so contrary to my better judgement, I'm going to listen to him(her?)
    BE: Actually writing he(she) all the time is kind of tiring, so rampageTeller will hitherto be referred to as a male
    BE: ****! I already cluttered this freaking memo by myself…
    BE: Stupid!
    BE: Alright then, I'm out.

    archaicMiracle responded to memo
    AM: I can add by saying I have a mystery guy, or girl, with the handle velociClamper, if that helps any. Vinnie already deposited, I think it was Cruxtruder or something of the sort.
    AM: I don't know about any of you...but I'm listening to what Veloci says, in this case, the stranger who started talking to us. Apparently there's...two of them?

    paintSplatter responded to memo
    PS: Ricardo’s too busy erasing my room.

    AM: Oh wow.
    AM: I bet that's going to happen to me soon...

    Maybe I should have said nothing. That didn't help at all with the conversation, but oh well. My input was considered good from my perspective. Now all I had to do was remain seated and stare at the wallet with the green card. Maybe it did the same thing like in the pink magic cards?

    Wanting to test it out so bad, I take out the green card. With my free hand, I imagine the bat in my hand...and surely enough, I nearly fell off since what ever just landed on my hand weighs so much. Who knew this metal bat was so heavy? Looking at the card, the bat's picture was no longer there. Instead, my free hand, which is no longer free of course, was struggling to lift the thing. Standing up, I managed to raise the bat over my head with my two hands.

    "Oh my's so heavy! How does my dad LIFT this thing?!"

    Without hesitating, I struggle to keep the metal bat with my left while my right hand reaches for the green card on the floor. ' it!' Slapping the two together caused the metal bat to disappear into the green card, which was now slowly falling down like a feather. I opened the wallet and kneel down, watching as the card slowly descends. Once it falls back, I drop the wallet and watch as it materialized into the green charm.

    "I just can't get enough of this magic," I mumbled out, smiling.