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    Event Resolved!
    Introducing Kitsuko and...
    Tsurara Densetsu


    Unknown Child

    Tsurara watched as even the almighty Entei was unable to completely melt the ice. Well, maybe my magic is stronger than I realize... Hm... And it does prove useful, though I wish it hadn't been proven in this way... A light sigh came from him as Hikari enlisted a boy and his Eevee. Tsurara examined the boy with mild curiosity. Is he from our family...? He seems unfamiliar to me... Though not as much as this girl... His gaze directed to the small girl, as he lightly lifted her off the ground and held her, hoping even his own cold heart was still warm enough to heat her.

    "Seraphina!" Tsurara quickly rushed over, girl in his arms, and knelt down to his Sister, as the others that surrounded her had parted only slightly, to give him room. Of course he was worried, as Seraphina was probably the closest to him of all his siblings; not that he hadn't tried to befriend the others, but some of them just didn't seem interested, and some were Adeline. There was a Kim too, but she seemed to hate everyone in general especially Tsurara!. He spoke up, looking far too calm for this situation. Even the small girl tilted her head to give the ill princess an odd look. People see me as the professional, so I must act like it. "Go ahead and treat her for the moment, once this girl is dealt with, I'll take her home immediately. Everyone else can still enjoy the party." Shaking his head, he thought to himself, The party will probably start once I leave anyways. He stood and went back to see the sculpture situation.

    The Eevee had dragged a small dark ball of fur out from inside the sculpture, and the boy that was linked with it picked up the small creature and was only able to hold it for a moment before the girl took a frantic leap from Tsurara's arms to practically tackling the boy to the ground and quickly regaining her link. "Yay, you're safe, you're safe!! Never leave me again, never ever ever!!" Tsurara couldn't help but smile. He wasn't really a "kid" person, but her happiness had sort of exploded and impacted others, as various cheers began to emit from the crowd. Of course, Tsurara was in the infamy spotlight, he was sure of it. I'm guessing they think I had intended to do that... Well, anyways, we might as well take care of this girl.

    Tsurara had helped the girl to stand (while also reaching his hand out to lift the boy back to his feet) before leading her to the front of the plateau. Everyone was still conversing, and after a nod from Tsurara, Setsuko's beautiful squeal rung through the crowd. Tsurara had easily the most attention-getting link in either kingdom HOW IRONIC. "Does anyone recognize this child or her link?" An empty silence and a few heads shaking proved what Tsurara had assumed. "Well then, I see we have a young loner, and on the festival too! So... Would anyone consider adopting them into their home?"

    He then looked directly to Hikari and gave a slight smirk, as if he were speaking to her without words. He gently nudged the girl toward Hikari, and she began her walk in that direction. Tsurara then concluded his time at the party with a very formal bow to the crowd, before returning to Seraphina, taking her and carrying her onto Setsuko, and waiting for Mai to follow. As the birds of fire and ice began to depart toward their home island, Tsurara's icy scarf fluttered behind, twinkling slightly until the two linked pairs had vanished on the horizon.


    The young girl began to move toward the princess with the big fire beast, stopping halfway to see the boy she had tackled to retrieve her link. The dark bundle of fur peeked out from her arms, and a pair of light purple eyes blinked and watch the boy carefully. The girl had aqua blue-green hair, that seemed to be the perfect mix to make the color soft and gentle. Her large bright amber eyes were beady, and her skin was bright and pale, though now it seemed to be her actual skin color. She wore a dress that seemed to have been hand-made, from reeds, leaves, flowers, and plenty of of things that could be found in the forest. She was notably barefoot, so her feet were rather dirty.

    She looked up at the boy who had rescued her link, then quickly gave him a bow, before turning and continuing to walk up to the princess. She looked up to her, and is if to know exactly what she was thinking, began to speak. "My name is Kitsuko! And this cutie--" she proceeded to lift up the small shaky Zorua to look the princess in the eyes "-- is named Kiyoko!"