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Well you know people, they can sometimes make the biggest deal out of something so little.

I miss the roullets...perhaps they could have a game show style thing in which we play for coins.

I really want there to be an extralink in the's not all that farfetched simply because it's a location in Unova I mean Sinnoh and Johto shared the same BF which was a location the extralink is said to be a mysterious location...
If not than I hope they add some of the new features like the making your own store in B2W2, Hoenn could have it's own version of it. Another nice thing would be if the Poketholon was added, I liked that place, perhaps it could take the place of one of the battle tents. Perhaps add in Musicals and Movies in the other two locations of the'll add a lot of mini games to do in Hoenn.
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