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    Once the ball chimed, Antonio had to control himself from jumping up and down in excitement. This was his very first caught Pokémon he ever caught! He took a seat next to Cranium on one of the spiral stairs and just stared at the pokeball with the Zubat in it. The Zubat smiled at him, with his sharp fangs and eyeless face. He looked at his tired Cranidos and smiled as he released the Zubat from his pokeball. The bat Pokémon flew around his head, happily.

    “Hey Zubat, my name is Antonio and this is Cranium,” Antonio said as he pointed to his first Pokémon. “We are your new friends.”Hearing that, the Zubat started flapping his wings excitingly. “Now let’s think of a nickname… umm… I’ll name you, Dracula.” Antonio said with conviction making his newly captured Pokémon happy.

    Antonio smiled and then looked up the stairs to see how far he had left. He was extremely tired and he knew it had to be either close or past midnight. He would have fell asleep there, but he knew neither one of his Pokémon could hold their own if a Pokémon decided to attack during the night. He looked at both of them and seen how tired they were. As much as he hated to return them to their pokeball, he knew he had too. “Return, you guys. I’ll see you to in the morning.” Antonio told his two Pokémon as both of them disappeared into their respective pokeballs. He took one more look up the stairs and sighed. “Welp, better get started.”

    Every step he took felt like it took a whole eternity to climb up it. As he walked he felt as if he would collapse from exhaustion at any moment. The closer he got to the top of the stairs, the more he saw the moon start to light up the dark temple. When he finally reached the top, he couldn’t go any further and collapse to the ground pant. In the distance, through blurry vision, he saw a small hut. All he need to do was make it a little farther. He sat on all four wishing he wouldn’t have stayed up the whole night before playing with his Pokedex. Seeing his destination within his grasp, he tried his best to stand. No matter how much he tried he didn’t get nowhere. He finally just fell flat on his stomach. As he started to slip in and out of consciousness, he heard soft footsteps coming towards.

    “Wow another one.” He heard a man’s voice say. “This one is a boy? A girl?” The man questioned confused.

    “I’m a boy.” Antonio managed to whisper.

    “Hush now you’re safe. I’m gonna take you to my hut.” The man explained as he helped Antonio towards his hut. “I’m a geologist and my name is…” That’s as far as Antonio heard before drifting off into a deep slumber.
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