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Originally Posted by Astorath View Post
ok i have a question that has been bugging me alot
ash has been to every region yet he rarely catches alot of pokemon why

i mean ash should at least have all pokemon of one region

and another question is how come ash has no legendary pokemon. he sees them alot and helps them but he has yet to get one after all his travels . yet he has faced tobias who has two and faced others who have some how come ash has none

and finaly how come ash only cataches water, grass, flying
he barely has any other times. he has some but not alot
he doesnt have a true flying dragon type or another electric.. why
For the legendary Pokemon point, he probably never catches them.

This makes sense, because Jimmy (Legend Of Thunder) said "If it doesn't stay free it'll perish!"

As for the other Pokemon, dunno, have a few theories:

He only catches Pokemon Species he likes.
He probably doesn't have many Pokeballs.
He is probably to busy stopping Team Rocket.

But, I don't know why, just a guess.
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