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Vinnie Valentine

I watched as a huge machine drop in the middle of Candice's room. I nearly choked on my own saliva.

Holy hell, I didn't know it was so big!

Candice walked back into her room, apparently hearing the impact. She looked at it curiously, and then checked her computer. She typed something, and then pesterChum beeped Vinnie. He could guess what it said.

BV: Okay, okay
BV: Im going to send you some items...i think.
BV: some Velicirapter told me too or something
BV: They look cool

AM: Yeah
AM: Must be that huge device that's standing in the middle of the room.

Wow. She didn't have to be a prick. Vinnie disregarded this and watched her. She used a card to....suck in a teddy bear? What? Why did she take a teddy bear? Whatever. You see a new memo from Ricardo.
-- babelsEngineer opened memo on board INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
You pause to nod approvingly at your choice of title.
-- babelsEngineer added paintSplatter, archaicMiracle and bemyValentine to the board --
BE: Hey guys, I figured I should probably start this up because I don't feel like typing everything I want to say thrice.
BE: Also, try not to clutter this memo with unimportant stuff, this is only for things of top importance pertaining to SBURB!
BE: Anyways, I just figured I should let you all know that I'm about to start deploying all this free stuff up in Vieve's pad(?)
BE: Wish me luck.
BE: PS, someone's started pestering me lately, I think his(her?) chumhandle is rampageTeller.
BE: Anyways, I know it sounds weird, but he(she?) seems to know what he(she?)'s talking about, so contrary to my better judgement, I'm going to listen to him(her?)
BE: Actually writing he(she) all the time is kind of tiring, so rampageTeller will hitherto be referred to as a male
BE: ****! I already cluttered this freaking memo by myself…
BE: Stupid!
BE: Alright then, I'm out.
Ugh. Ricardo, telling people what they already knew. I'm disregarding this too. Time to do some stuff. Like deploy the other two machi-

AM: Well then, here I am again.
AM: Just came to say that the Veloci guy is ordering me around.
AM: He said you should deploy...uhh, the other machines.
AM: I forgot what he called them.
AM: Too lazy to check up on the names, but I remember he said pre-punched cards too...

Oh. And I thought I knew something Candice didn't. That ruined the surprise factor. Well, no sense in making her wait any longer.

I clicked the deploy option, and selected the totem lathe. I dragged it to the kitchen. Why? I don't know. It looked like a kitchen appliance I guess. The Alchemiter went to the bathroom near Candice's room. Oh, whoops. My finger slipped, and I erased the toilet, and water started pouring out of the hole where it used to be. Uh oh. I really should plug that up....but with what? I really should be more careful, but for some reason this just seemed so surreal. I didn't really believe what was happening....but just in case this wasn't a dream, I should stop the water. I looked all throughout the house, but the only thing I could find to do it was the sofa cushions....but they needed to be weighed down. I dragged the cushions, and the water seeped through them, like I thought. So I put the fridge on top of it. It looked like a lego mishap from a child. Oh well, Candice didn't need those things...

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