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Oh my. Suddenly your home got a few more appliances spread about.

That thing can be found in your kitchen and is about two meters long. It's got a shimmering sky blue-ish metallic color to it, apart from the green mark.

This, Vinnie dropped into the bathroom. Pretty much filled up most of the floor area there, unless you have a really big bathroom. Let's hope it's waterproof, by the way. It's blue, so perhaps that gives it some resistance? Because water is blue. Or wait...


The joy of creating and destroying is giving you an alarming sense of satisfaction. At least it would give any decent person that, don't you think? There seem to only be one more thing you can build for free now. Some sort of PRE-PUNCHED CARD. Doesn't sound like much to build, but perhaps you could leave it somewhere for Candice to play around with.

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