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    If Pokemon were real; they would've mutilated us a long time ago, and the world would be probably filled with anthro Pokemon instead of humans.
    After all, the Pokemon in the anime posses sentinence but because "Rule of Anime", they do not question humans. Sooner or later in evolution they would rise against humans and destroy them.
    Even if humans survived, think: humans destroyed each other for being of a different skin color; imagine how they would treat another species...
    Then Pokemon would notice the hatred from humans and they would retaliate. Chaos would ensue.

    Edit: Also if they were real, they would be subjected to real world rules.
    For example a Charizard would most likely not be able to have arms and it would have a much larger wingspan, Evolution would take a lot longer, Rayquaza would be much smaller in order for it to survive in the ozone layer, Meowth would have gills or something similar since it lacks a nose, and Jigglypuff would be one mutated thing...
    Even if they didn't have a sentinence like the anime or games, they would still be wild animals, and it'd be pretty difficult to coexist without getting killed.

    However for the sake of this thread, I would probably just be a Pokemon Trainer. Or a Pokemon Slacker. I'd stay at home with my Charmander, training it when I go to the gym.
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