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    I don't got a problem with Ash getting new Pokemon every region; but I agree, he battles like a total noob.
    He got really lucky in Kanto, literally most of his Gym badges were gotten through nothing but "BS".
    Later on in the series, though, he got pretty good. I think the height of his battling skills were in Battle Frontier, those battles made me feel very excited, and I looked forward to them.
    However now he kinda sucks...a lot. I watched an episode of Black and White and found myself facepalming even more than in the Kanto series. I also sorta dislike new Team Rocket..

    Oh and I forgot to mention that I really hate that in the anime, characters in the previous regions are completely forgotten. When the heck is Ash gonna come back to Kanto to get Pidgeot back!? That jerk promised he'd return! Also any more mention of Butterfree? And did he seriously need to use a Pokedex on a Weezing?

    So yeah, as I said above, he's a total noob.
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