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    Where I'm at you start driving at 16. You have to past a 'test' just to be allowed to drive WITH an adult present at all times and only that adult in the car. After 6 months of that you get to take another 'test' with an guy how is more anal about proper driving procedures than you could ever imagine. If you pass that (80% fail on the first try usually) you get a nice new license with a big shiny 'N' on it, letting everyone how sees it know that you are not allowed to be out past 12am. And, yes, people rebel. But if you get caught you lose the license and have to retake the tests (which you pay for) after a year wait. For this 'N' to be removed you have to wait a year and take a driving school class that costs about 800$. So needless to say, 'young' drivers here are pretty good to be honest.. It's the people that have been driving 5+ years that worry me.
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