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    "You might want to explain #3 a bit since it doesn't tell me anything. :/" - Meganium90

    I don`t think i would venture out into other forums `cept[except] PKMN[pokemon]

    "Well, you have two interests right there! ROM Hacking and Roleplaying. You know, I'd be more than happy to take you on if you'd like a mentor right now (since you PMed me earlier that prompted me to make that choice) but if you're looking for a specific mentor, there's DrFuji and SwiftSign for Emulation as well as PkMnTrainer Yellow and Miss Doronjo for Roleplay Corner." - Meganium90

    I would be very happy with all three of you as mentors, it`s always a pleasure to gain friendship and learn at the same time. :3

    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
    Sydian is the mentor and moderator of General Pokemon Gaming and Challenges! I think she'd be the perfect mentor for you if you're interested in that area. :D She can also expand you in trading as well.
    That would make me so relieved about figuring out the site.... i`ll take the chance. :3