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Vieve Gotle

Something is telling me that I’ll be needing a weapon to protect myself in the future or just from Ricardo! I don’t know why he can’t start figuring out this stuff faster. Weapons? I only have the knife but will that do? Mom probably has some sharp garden equipment maybe I should start looking in the shed. I’m hoping that Ricardo just doesn’t res-
babelsEngineer began pestering paintSplatter

BE: Okay, now that I've taken care of your brother it's time to DO WORK!
PS: YOU TOOK CARE OF MY BROTHER? How did you know I have a brother? What did you do to him?
BE: Are you ready for this?
PS: I mean I might not be his biggest fan but you can’t erase him from existence!
PS: Ready for what?

BE: Because you might need to go get some cover.
PS: Oh fuuuuuck
BE: >:3
PS: I hate you

paintSplatter ceased pestering babelsEngineer
I learn my lessons the first time and I'm not in the mood to be learning something again. Quickly diving under my desk happens to be the only thing I could think. After hearing something being set down on the floor I took some time deciding if I want to come out or not. Poking my head out seemed like the best options. Ricardo had deployed some type of machine right in front of my closet, now how I am suppose to get to my clothes? Ugh, what a typical guy never caring about clothes the way they should. Crawling from underneath the desk had to be worse than going under I never knew how much it hurt to hit your head on a bedframe.

“What is this? What does it do?” I'm yelling this out loud because maybe Ricardo knew something that I did not. The color is fascinating it's purple but yet metallic like most machines. All the wheels are beckoning for me to start twisting them so that’s exactly what I did.

“I hope I’m not breaking it?” Turning around to talk to Ricardo as if he's standing right next to me. His game vision must be coming from my laptop because it would be creepy if he could see me like, like the Sims! The wall now had stairs leading down into the garden but that's where Gavin's currently at! Wait wait wait, didn’t Ricardo say, “I’ve taken care of your brother”? Taking a look down the stairs, which by the way didn’t have railings, there are two more machines that are bigger than the one in my room. I slowly start walking down the stairs being careful not to fall over because then I would get grass stains in my dress. I carefully took steps toward the bigger of the two machines it is the same color as the one in my bedroom. Is Ricardo giving me some sort of weight device what's he trying to say? Climbing on it seems like a bad idea but what the hell this is some alternate reality! If I face some injury I won’t be affecting my real world body. I'm making my way up the darn machine in a very slow fashion because what if it's a Transformer? Gavin and I use to watch that show all the time but that's before he became Mr. Party goer. My worry for him is increasing with every passing moment Mom would kill me if somehow I am an accessory in his demise. Why did I decided to climb this thing it's enormous and I want off. There are lines crossing and turning on the weight reader part of this machine.

Wanting to know how much I weigh I begin jumping up and down on it because it's not telling me my number. Perhaps this is not what this machine is for, the other one had various screens that could show my weight. I took it slow the first time around but that's not happening again so I’ll jump to the next machine. Sounds like a crazy idea, I know but what’s alternate reality life without a few risks? Scooting to the edge of the weight machine I begin swinging my arms back and forth. The realization that I'm in a dress hits me as I'm soring through the air. Latching onto the pipe-like section as if my life depends on it which it didn’t because y’know alternate reality and all. Did all the machines have a wheel that you could twist on it? As I did previously I twist the wheel hoping for it to budge.

“Weapon! Duh!” Saying this out loud to myself or to Ricardo if he's still listening to me. No, he's listening to some computer virus telling him to destroy and rebuild and give me machines. I head to the shed after getting off that terribly wasteful machine. Mom had all sorts of tools she used and if she knew I am taking them to play with I’d be dead. Different types of spades, hoes, clippers, and shovels happen to be racing through my mind as I open the shed. The inside looks cleaner than anything I’ve ever seen in my life but I guess that’s mother for you. Instantly my eyes gaze over everything looking for anything that is sharp. I shuffle forward being careful not to dislodge anything from its proper place. The shovels aren't sharp enough, the hoes are too dull, using clippers would be a joke, and I didn’t see the spades. I spot the perfect thing in the back corner an axe. Sure it's more then likely too heavy for me but I’m not letting that stop me! I grab for the wooden handle of the axe and for my pendant, which I long since forgot about. I need the green ones, though I’m not quite sure how I know that. Picking a green one out is easy when I am not in a dumb shed. I swipe the green card on the axe’s handle then the axe is gone but as I hold up the green card I see its image on the front.

I make my way out from the shed and up the stairs waving goodbye to my new toys. I’m sure that they are really Ricardo’s toys because they are useless to me. I peer into my room to make sure Ricardo hadn’t added anything else without my knowledge. My bed looks so comfy what if I just take a quick nap? There's something on my bed that's red with holes. A big version of my other cards is what it looks like but it also seems to be able to fit others into it. I still had the green card in my hand what would happen if I stick it one of these holes? The beeps on my computer distract me for the time being it seems like the other have something to say.
archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter

AM: You're trying to make my day awful, aren't you?
AM: Dresses are just things I would never dare touch.
AM: But besides that
AM: You're not alone.
AM: I have no idea whether Vinnie can do that to my room or not
AM: But he deployed some...device in the middle of my room.
AM: Do you believe in magic by the way?
AM: I seriously do now.
AM: I swear I wont be surprised if I see a magic wand.
AM: Yes I believe in magic.

PS: Ricardo put a machine in my room as well and two outside
PS: You think this is magic? We're playing a game.
PS: I'll believe in magic once I can breath fire out of my mouth at will
PS: He made me get my dress a smudge dirty, can you believe it?!

paintSplatter ceased pestering archaicMiracle
This is not magic what is Candice going on about? Of course I don't believe in magic because it's not real, right? Though Ricardo having the ability to vanish my wall, build stairs, and place machine wherever he wants isn't exactly possible but he did. Did I believe in magic? Should I believe in magic? I'm not sure, I just want my life back and I want my brother he always knows how to comfort me in these situations. I could not stop the tears, I'm crying for no reason at all or just reasons I would rather not admit.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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