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I rode with a teen driver once. It wasn't that bad tbh. He seemed to be as good as my mom in driving, and there were no cases of irresponsibility as far as I could tell.

So no, 15 1/2 / 16 is the perfect age imo. Because by the time you get a license it's probably more realistically 16 1/2, and then you can get some practice in for college and life so you don't completely humiliate yourself in college.

And besides, as many people have said on here and irl, alcohol for teens is stupid. It's for the "does your mother know you're out" kind of people. They think it's cool but in fact they're most likely on a road to lonliness and/or insanity. And besides most people (at my school at least) don't party heavily anyways. It's more of a college thing than high school teenager thing, so raising it to 18 won't do anything or make it worse.
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