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Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post

Touche. I'd have to say that the older ones were better. Cowboy Bebop, Pokemon (old ones), Yu-Gi-Oh, Ghost in the Shell and a few others were great, but, nowadays, not so much.

I know the ones I mentioned aren't all that old, but, they're not like the new ones which aren't very good. But, that's just my opinion.
As far as old shows went, they were pretty much hit or miss. While a good deal of the big shows had good dubs, a lot of the less known shows had some pretty atrocious ones. A lot of it could also come from watching the dub first, which puts up more familiarity with said dub. Same goes for subs, tbh.

Don't really watch dubs all that often anymore, but from what I see, most of the dubs these days don't really stand out too much unless they do something out of the ordinary (Haruhi, FMA), can make full use of stereotypical accents (Baccano), or have little to no (young) female roles.
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