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Julia Blackwood - Heroes' Loft
Julia flinched, not because those hands were deadly weapons or anything, nope. He gaze met Ki's and her brow furrowed, still in thought. After a moment she spoke in a rather decisive tone. "...Alright. Now." It seemed implied what she'd been meaning to say, that she was going t ogo see Kiba right then. She supposed there was no time like the present! Besides, what else was she to do? Ki explained to her what she should do and Julia just sort of took it with a grain of salt. It somehow felt unnecessary, that she would've done this anyway. Regardless she took one long glance at the tent, swallowed nervousness, and began to make her way over...

...Not long after, Julia would open the flap of the tent and peer inside. She'd taken the liberty of putting on her Gyro Gear during the walk over. Looking around Julia took in that she'd interrupted the two boys talking. Go figure, they hadn't been sitting in there in complete silence. Jack in particular appeared to have been aware of her proximity. Moving inside, Julia lowered her hands in front of her and cupped them, a slight nervous habit meant to still herself. A brief glance at Kiba, and she spoke.

"Hey Jack--Kiba..."

She made a point to smile at the two boys before she continued.

"Um... Jack?--Would you mind if I had some time alone to talk to Kiba?"

She was ever so slightly shy about her question, as if afraid Jack would somehow read her mind and find out what she was up to. The rest of the world already knows, Julia. Geez. A brief glance went to Kiba as she thought about how she was going to handle this .... conversation, presuming Jack was understanding and gave them some alone time to begin with.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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