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    Damon Malruth
    Kanto Enclave

    Damon gulped as his front paws tightened into small fists. "I-I can't yet you do that Caedmon." he replied as calmly as he could. "To bring you to our leader would compromise his security. If you do want to have a chance to see our leader you must submit yourself to being securely bound up. Hands behind your back and you will not put up a struggle." He quickly glanced around his soldiers. He didn't know if they could indeed force this Lucario to do anything! Caedmon's battle skills were impressive. He could take on multiple soldiers without breaking a sweat and dodging their bullets easily! The Linoone still had no idea if this was some kind of trap, but he would take every precaution he could! Sure, he had brought one of their own back to them... but that was just a small cost to the very dangers he could inflict on the base! What was one mechanist when a entire base could be destroyed?

    "Our leader is far away... and if you do submit yourselves to us then we will see to it that you can talk to him." He nodded at a Adriados that scuttled forward warily. "Allow my soldier to tie you up and we will be on our way."

    Urta backed away from Caedmon and went straight to Damon. "What the hell are you thinking!?" She hissed into his ear as she dragged the Linoone back some distance. "I think he could make a good source of information! He gave himself willingly!" Damon whispered back. "Yes, but he can be tricking us!" She hissed back. The two bickered for a bit before Damon finally ended the conversation. "Get him tied up and we'll be going."

    Just then another soldier ran up to Damon with a sick look on his face. He quickly whispered into the Linoone's ear as his eyes widened. He stared ahead for a few seconds before nodding weakly. "Y-Yes.... get him out of here!" He snapped as he turned to Urta. "Take these soldiers out of here! Just.... I need to see something."

    The Blaziken looked at him before nodding and she looked at Caedmon, "So, going to come willingly?" She asked as Damon rushed further into the city, right for the town square.
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