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    I wrote up a whole critique but the page gave me some bad resubmission thing and deleted it, but this game has a lot of potential and reminds me of the good old days of game dev. I'll make this one quick and just say that in the map

    -Brick path shouldn't go in the road, doesn't look all that great aesthetically and such a mapping style isn't present in the official games/looks awkward in general.
    -The shrub near the train station is a bit too vibrant, maybe you could change the palette or find a smaller one in kyle style or something
    -Grass near the train station looks a bit out of place too and really clashes with the city's road/sidewalks, you could maybe using a darker grass tile like this and a dirt path to make it blend more, or possibly get rid of it all together.

    Hopefully it was at least helpful, I'm not too used to giving critiques like this and as I said the better one got deleted lol :1

    paired to kaori & vrai
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