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    Heya, everyone! I have a rather, err, unusual team for my SS version, and I was wondering if you think it would all be good or if these pokemon are just setting me up for disaster.

    Typlosion @ Charcoal
    Careful, Sturdy Body
    Blast Burn
    Sunny Day

    Furret @ Chople Berry
    Quirky, Hates to Lose
    Rain Dance
    Focus Blast

    Umbreon @ Full Incense
    Quirky, Often dozes off
    Shadow Ball
    Sleep Talk

    Vaporeon @Expert Belt
    Mild, Alert to Sounds
    Aqua Ring
    Last Resort

    I'm not sure what I'll use on the rest of my team, but do you think these guys are fine for now? Or are there some things I'll need to change?
    Oh, I forgot to add, I'm wanting to use Typhlosion, Furret, and Vaporeon as kind of sweepers, and Umbreon to stall if I need to heal my pokemon.
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