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    Name: MrJbsundown
    Skill(s): I can write stories well, I am a beginner scripter, I can test the game.
    Main role: Either: Story writer, Scripter(I wouldn't be able to do loads but I can do some of the more tedious and simple stuff) or tester.
    Past experience: I have written stories quite a bit. I helped my brother write a script for a full length film that never happened. I have scripted some personal projects; nothing major. I can play the game almost whenever, I can play through multiple times, each more thorough than the last.
    Contact Information: Email [email protected], PM or Skype: Jbsundown
    Time Zone: GMT
    Other: Although I am in a British timezone I can almost always be contactable. This would be the first time I work on a big project game, but I am a very fast learner and won't take long to get into swing of things.