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    Coming Together!

    Ki watched as Julia stepped inside the tent, and moments later, Jack left. Ki then proceeded to move toward the tent, only instead of walking in, he stood outside, to where he could listen, and closed his eyes. Let's see how this plays out...

    Spirit simply nodded and followed her chauffeur to an area behind one of the tents, and to her surprise, found a table, a vase filled with flowers, a lamp, and some chairs. Echo was already waiting, and Spirit looked at everything, rather stunned at the display. E-eh.. Um... Sooo... Where did you get that vase, or the table and chairs? And the lamp?? What's powering the lamp?? She was belwildered by the entire thing.


    "Hey Jack--Kiba..." Mello stirred slightly in her sleep. "Um... Jack?--Would you mind if I had some time alone to talk to Kiba?" A disoriented Meloetta awoke from her slumber, sitting up and rubbing her eyes with her paw/hand/limb/thing, slowly looking up to see Julia. Mello stayed huddled up on Kiba's chest, as he lie there on the elevated bed, or stretcher, whatever the hell it was. Her soft orchid purple eyes gazed up at Julia, as she seemed to be watching Kiba. She formed a sweet smile, thinking, Wow... She's very pretty. She proceeded to re-snuggle herself with Aviath, and soon the couple were being brushed and stroked.

    "I see. Alright, I'll leave you two." With that, Jack left them alone. Kiba realized now why his body was acting so crazily. Sh-she came in here... And she wants to talk to me...? Me?? His heart felt like it was pounding against his chest, spring-loaded and compressed. He swallowed once more, hoping to push his heart back down into place. Damn it, I promised I would never even consider it again! But I can't ignore her!! What if she feels the same way? But-- Kiba's expression was shock, and it was priceless as he realized now why she had seemed so familiar. No wonder I like her... But... Last time I had attempted love... He felt a deep shiver run up his body. Damn it, she's trying to talk to you! Pull yourself together and speak!!

    "Y-yeah?" Proof that speaking before you've composed yourself makes you sound foolish. He shook his head and sat upright, placing the Pokemon in his lap, and trying (but miserably failing) to hide the severe pain that came from the movement. His face had contorted to cringe for a moment, before he finally got himself into a sitting position. His shirt was off, though there was enough blood-stained bandaging to nearly replace it. The bandages contrasted his skin, wrapping around one shoulder, and covering two thirds of his torso. He began to brush his hands through Aviath's and Mello's fur (a clear sign of nervousness).

    He made sure that this time he was fully composed before he spoke. Looking to her, he parted the hair away from his soft blue eye so that both it and the emerald green eye were entirely visible. His ponytail was unwrapped, so his jet black hair simply fell behind his back. "I-I look like a mess, I know, so... Sorry about that..." He felt extremely uncomfortable, yet something urged him forward, something he couldn't quite identify. "Anyways, what were you wanting to talk about?" Having not spoken with anyone for quite some time, his voice sounded rather dry and cracked, though the gentle tone could shine right through it.

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