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8 Badges, Beat E4 & Champion

EmboarLevel 68 (He's done me good so far. Flare Blitz and Hammer Arm are gifts from above.)
Ability: Blaze
Wild Charge
Hammer Arm
Flare Blitz

Lucario Level 65 (Took me a little bit to find this one at Sangi Ranch...but it worked out well. Lucario's definitely going to be the most overexposed Pokemon in this game; everyone has one)
Ability: Steadfast
Aura Sphere
Swords Dance
Close Combat

Espeon Level 63 (I love Espeon...even though it was a pain to evolve. Let's just say it involved a LOT of massages and Soothe Bell use.)
Ability: Synchronize
Shadow Ball
Quick Attack
(The last two are temporary. I need to find the TM for Psyshock.)

Lapras Level 63 (Lapras was one of my most useful Pokemon, but finding it was agonizing. It took a lot of surfing, 50 Max Repels, and lots of trips around the Village Bridge.)
Ability: Shell Armor
Body Slam
Perish Song
Ice Beam

Magnezone Level 51 (Magnezone was really good at capturing the Psychic legends due to his good typing, and Sturdy is a gift from above when you need to Revive and Restore another Pokemon.)
Ability: Sturdy
Magnet Bomb
Flash Cannon

Salamence Level 65 (I was ecstatic when I randomly found this in one of the Pinwheel Forest Hidden Hollows. Due to its brute strength, Moxie suits it well.)
Ability: Moxie
Heat Wave (Those Shards DO come into good use.)
Dragon Claw
If there was Blue VS Red in HG/SS, it would be rad.