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Julia Blackwood - Tent in Heroes' Loft
Julia offered Jack a nod of thanks as he moved past her, slowly closing the distance between herself and Kiba as he spoke. When he fumbled over his words she offered him a somewhat friendly if not awkward smile, as if trying to reassure him that she wasn't going to bite. Kiba look, she's barring her fangs! She's going to bite you! Restrain her by her /hair/! As she approached, taking her time, she spoke up in a fittingly conversational tone, only to be interrupted...


Abruptly a bright white flash was heard and a certain legendary dog pokemon just sort of casually let himself out of his ball, accidentally causing the tent under his paws to spontaneously combust into small paw shaped fires. Julia just sort of stopped in her tracks, eyes going wide with a mixture of shock and horror as the legendary pokemon casually made his way out of the tent without a care in the world, most likely encountering Ki as he exited. After the moment of shock had passed Julia immediately freaked right the heck out and stomped the fires out before they could spread and cause a serious problem, which totally involved plenty of panicked jump-stomping.

After the fires inside the tent had been extinguished Julia just sort of let out an audible sigh of relief and brushed herself off, fixing her mini-skirt and looking in the general direction of the tent exit in contemplation of what to do about the pokemon's leisure walk before decidedly just... letting him have what he wanted. She then turned to Kiba and offered him an apologetic smile.


She then moved over and gently slid onto Kiba's bed, seating herself mere inches from where he lay at around chest level. If he examined her, he might find that she had cupped her hands in her lap.

"I--um... I wanted to talk because..."

She paused a moment, glancing over her shoulder at him but otherwise keeping her eyes on her hands.

"Kiba--Everything that's gone on...I--Do you...--Do you /like/ me?"

Julia put her hands down at her sides next to her now. She seemed a bit shy asking herself. Wouldn't it suck to get rejected as the only girl in the party? That'd certainly be enough to bring her mood down from getting the privilege of being a model earlier.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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