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    Pretty Straight-forward if You Ask Me

    Ki watched as a flicker of light, followed by a monsterous Entei, appeared from the tent and he was all like, "dafuq!?". He stood still, though spoke to the beast, even as it began to walk away.Any particular reason you nearly burned this tent to a smoldering ash?


    "Well..--" She was about to speak, before an Entei had just casually exited the tent, leaving a fire behind it. Kiba's eyes widened slightly. She's been keeping a legend in a ball, and kept it a secret this whole time? His surprised thoughts were interrupted by her voice once more, saying "Sorry..." If he hadn't missed the rabbit-like jumping, he was clearly too distracted to take notice of it. She then decided to sit down right beside him holy SHET!! which caused his face to turn more red than a Magikarp's scale. I-is this really happening?? "I--um... I wanted to talk because..." He looked up slightly. She seemed almost as nervous as he was. Almost. "Kiba--Everything that's gone on...I--Do you...--Do you /like/ me?"

    Beet red. He was blushing furiously, that or his skin was burning up. He couldn't tell. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. H-how does she know?? Hadn't Jack said something to him about it? Something about talking to her? It looked as though Julia knew and had taken the first step for him. He knew that he would be unable to compose himself, though he did his best to answer. "I-I... I mean... I..." if she had bothered to look at him, she would see how reddened his face had become which makes the answer obvious!!!!, before he had lowered his head to hide the embarrassment.

    He closed his eyes. Of everything he'd gone through, including sparring matches, Elite Four, every League, this was easily the hardest thing he'd ever do. Harder than even the Green Trainer incident. Come on Kiba!! One word, that's all it takes!! ONE WORD!!! Summoning up all of his strength, he spoke in a low voice, seeming to have to force it out from inside his body.

    "... Yes..."

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