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Julia Blackwood - Tent in Heroes' Loft
Entei stopped in his tracks, flames licking at the grass under his paws. He just sort of turned his head to Ki and leaned in a bit closer, just sort of staring at him for a moment as if to ask 'Can you not see everything I touch spontaneously combusts? I've got the midas touch, only with /fire/.' ...After a moment he growled out a simple, gruff "No.", implying he didn't really care and didn't need a reason. As Entei spoke, the flames under his paws seemed to grow more intense for the duration of his speech. Geez! The guy was a ticking time bomb ready to annihilate any given area. He wasn't even angry, in fact he was perhaps even a bit exasperated. It just seemed like a constant battle to keep control of his powers. ...How exactly did you contain a pokemon like that in a pokeball again?--Well don't ask me! I don't know?! Ask Silph Co! Magic! Magic and dunsparce tears!

Meanwhile, Julia listened to what Kiba had to say without looking at him. She was hiding her own embarrassment. It wasn't until Kiba finally said yes that she turned her head to look at him, a look of ever so mild surprise on her face. She seemed to study him from behind her glasses. Somehow, she hadn't planned this far ahead. She shifted a bit where she sat and raised a single hand in a terrible attempt to hide a light smile that oddly enough spread across her face.


She then moved said hand down and proceeded to rest it on Kiba's hand. Somehow this felt like a perfect balance between affection and modesty to her. A part of her kind of wanted Kiba to show her how affectionate he was comfortable being, though that part remained silent for the time being.

"...So, you took that blast... because you /liked/ me..."

She glanced at him and smiled in a mildly awkward manner, decidedly not explaining how she'd originally thought he was just a really heroic guy that would've done it for anyone. She didn't want to put him down.

"I guess... after all this trouble to save me--I owe you, huh."

Kiba might notice the arguably dorky reference to the classic damsel in distress. It was easy enough on it's own, but if he were really observant he might see where she was going with it, and boy was it cheesy. Seriously, grab some nachos.

"...I think I'd be cool with... being your reward~"

Julia shifted a bit as she spoke. To Kiba, it must've been pretty insane. She'd just up and... told him she wouldn't mind being his girlfriend. It had been in the form of an arguably dorky joke, but the message behind it was as serious as serious could be. She liked him. She thought he had a chance. And then Kiba woke up.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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