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    Hands Together

    Ki just kind of shrugged, but couldnt help a slight smirk. So... Going anywhere in particular, or just roaming around?


    "...So, you took that blast... because you /liked/ me... I guess... after all this trouble to save me--I owe you, huh." She rested her hand over his, and while this continued to cause Kiba to blush with embarrassment, he decidedly looked up at her. Heterochromic blue and green eyes softened at the look of her smile, warming his heart like a steady flame. This was... Easily the most confidence he'd ever had... Or shown, anyways. It took her next bit to make him realize that he should speak up, "...I think I'd be cool with... being your reward~"

    He felt flustered, and stammered slightly. "Y-you're giving me way too much credit, I-I..." He recomposed himself, smiling, though a blush still covered his cheeks. "I-I... I did take the blast for you... But if I hadn't, it could've hit Shadoan, and Aviath and Mello, and I think some of your Pokemon as well... But you were in front... I... I thought I was going to die... Plus, I know you were also wanting to win the tournament... I figured if I took your place in the blast, you could keep going and win the tournament... Then my death wouldn't be completely pointless..."

    He shrugged a bit. "I am thankful that I lived... Especially now... but my life is completely different now... It's an entirely new level of thought when you've faced death with acceptance, you know...?" Feeling slightly more "courageous" now, he turned his hand around, so that it could wrap around hers. It took about that long to realize the clever wording she'd used. "Y-you don't owe me anything, you know... I wanted to do it... But, you... You like me too...?" With what she'd said it was clearly obvious, though his questioning showed just how unbelievable it really was. "You know, this is the first time I've ever really had a conversation with anyone, other than Ki, since I've been here... Or actually in years, honestly. I mean, I'm used to being ignored, but..." He sort of just trailed off. This is just too good to be true...

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