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ひまわり♥ [00470]

I just finished the main storyline and completed the Pokémon League yesterday. I was lucky to get some great 'mons from twistedpuppy early in the game. ^-^ All of my Pokémon have lucky eggs. I need that $$. xD

オノノクス | Level 76
Adamant | Mold Breaker | @Lucky Egg
Cut, Outrage, Strength, Dragon Claw

シャンデラ | Level 79
Modest | Flash Fire | @Lucky Egg
Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Flame Burst, Inferno

ブルンゲル | Level 81
Bold | Water Absorb | @Lucky Egg
Recover, Surf, Ice Beam, Ominous Wind

バイバニラ | Level 75
Timid | Ice Body | @Lucky Egg
Uproar, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Mirror Shot

デンチュラ | Level 75
Timid | Compoundeyes | @Lucky Egg
Bug Buzz, Discharge, Electro Ball, Gastro Acid