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Caedmon Yeonart
Kanto Enclave

Caedmon had figured out that they would most likely ask him to be bound and effectively become their prisoner. He also doubted that if things went awry, that they would simply let him go again, although he didn’t know much about how honor-bound the mechanists were. Not a lot, he could imagine.

Huffing slightly, he rolled his head a little on his shoulders, glancing towards the Pokémon whispering into the Linoone’s ear, a small huff emitting from him. If they hadn’t seen it already, they would now. And if they saw it –before- they had promised to take him to the leader and bound him up, they would most likely simply try to kill him in a blind rage.

Caedmon glanced to the Ariados with the same, blank expression, although somehow making it look rather stern. He then, in a slightly too quick movement, which caused half the Pokémon there to startle, and even one of them to drop their rifle, he lowered his arms and placed them on his back.

“Very well. I will place myself in your hands. I just hope that you will keep your word.”

With that, he waited, as the Ariados very carefully began tying him up, standing ever proudly, his eyes glancing towards Alice for a brief moment before breaking eye contact. If things went sour, he could always try to escape. It made it harder while being bound, but definitely not impossible. In any case, it shouldn’t go too badly wrong, if it did. He –was- only going to ask questions, after all. And even the near-emotionless Caedmon had to admit that he was a little curious as to who the Mechanist’s leader actually was.
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