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Originally Posted by Galdr View Post
Okay, some Pokemon I don't get: Klingklang. Like, I know it's a huge gear in appearance. I guess it's Unova's version of Magneton or something. When I first saw it, I'm like "what is GameFreak doing...?". Stunfisk is another. It has a derpy face, and I probably would have called it the Unown ! to be something else. Dunno what Scraggy's supposed to be, other than a chameleon or something along those lines. XD I find it cool, but yeah.

Keldeo looks like a My Little Pony thing instead of a Musketdeer. Even it's new form suggests this. XD

And man, Tynamo. It appears...ugh. D: It has such a cute cry, but ugh. Lol.
I liked klink's line, I thought it was a cool evolution. Stunfisk is based on a flounder, so it's kinda gonna have a derpy face. If it didn't, it wouldn't represent the animal as well. Scraggy's concept is really cool. It's based on a punk youth combined with a lizard. (I love how scrafty has the molted hood) If it wasn't combined with a lizard, people would definitely accuse it of not being a pokemon. Keldeo is supposed to be based on a kelpie/chinese unicorn. (it's tail is reminiscent of d'Artagnan's hat)

As for tynamo, it's based off leeches and eels and other similar creatures. I'm guessing the mouth is the problem here, but what do you expect?

As for the OP's question, I'd say they all look like pokemon. The style is evolving and I'm of the mindset that if it's created by the creators and is said to be a pokemon than what else could it be but a pokemon? Why do WE decide what pokemon look like? Sure it doesn't look exactly like a gen 1 pokemon, but I wouldn't say the wingull line or whismur line or absol would fit in with chansey and nidoqueen. I wouldn't say ariados fits in there either! (if I was going by the mindset that pokemon all had to look like they were from gen 1) But they ARE pokemon, and just because nostalgia causes us to believe otherwise, it's true. The kids playing pokemon today only know Unova pokemon! Ask them and you'd probably get opposite answers than what all the haters would say.

And danaxe, why would you dread gen VI? Couldn't the pokemon only get better? At the very least there would be SOME pokemon you'd like...
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