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    Originally Posted by SkittishHeart View Post
    Yes. And I remember having all my Eevee evolve into an Espeon back then due to the lack of evolutionary stones. xD

    Weeell, here's the history of it. :D
    I was thinking of what to name a female Glaceon (for RP reasons, if I remember correctly, or maybe I just wanted to xD). I was pretty much staring at its Sugimori art back then and I couldn't help but notice how her ears + flaps of her "Sherpa hat" seem to form an 'X,' given you're looking at her at the right angle. Or something. Then being the Math person I am, I associated the x to its Hindu-Arabic numeral form: ten; subsequently, I replaced 't' with 'x'. Other names were created before 'Xenice,' actually. Hehe. And since I really wanted to be original (xD), I searched in the net to see if the names that I have thought of are already being used somewhere. They were. Sooo I brainstormed again. Eventually, I came up with 'xen' + 'ice,' with the pronunciation being "se-niece." :3

    - Lolwut, long story. ^^'

    Oh yeah, the Glaceon icon for me isn't showing in the first page. :<
    Cool story! :D Hmm? The Glaceon seems to be fine for me.. I'll check it again to be sure.
    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    Username: Mentalii
    Your partner Eevee:
    Aquali the Vaporeon
    Reason why you like Eevee
    : I've always loved Eevee. It and its many evolutions. I love it mainly for it cuteness, I have to admit, but also because among all the Pokémon, it represents the evolution phenomenon the best. It has also an intriguing side, as we wonder which could be each of its for the moment-non-existant evolutions.

    When did you get your first Eevee?

    In my Silver game. I fell in love with this adorable Pokémon
    :pink_love: My first Eevee which then evolved into an awesome Espeon was also my first Pokémon that reached the level 100. So, it wasn't any Eevee. Among every Pokémon from all of my games, it's the one that I loved the most. It's really etched on my memory.
    Welcome! Adorable isn't it <3
    Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
    When did you get your first Eevee?

    In SoulSilver, I got it from Bill and I evolved him into Vaporeon, which is my fave Eeveelution.
    Me too :D
    Originally Posted by TheFallenUmbreon View Post

    OoO It is? *writes down on stalking notebook* Vaporeon is my 4th fav. 3rd is Flareon. 2nd is Espeon and my fav I really have to say it? -_-
    Haha, I think I figured it out. ;) Finally someone who loves Flareon! :( Why do you like him? XD