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Game: Black

I am following all main rules and will be following the following optional rules:

You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
A black out is game over.
Can only use Pokeballs.
Can not use hold items.
You may not use or capture legendary Pokemon.

Update 1:
Began my epic adventure in Nuvema town, I identified myself as a male and named my self George (duh). I was fortunate enough, that my friends let me pick my starter Pokemon first (how lucky) and after much deliberation (like an hour looking at my DS) I went with Oshawott. My rude friends than decided it would be appropriate to have a battle in my uncharacteristically neat room. I defeated my friend and visited the local professor (how convenient that her lab is next door to me. I'm still confused as to why she sent us a package with the Pokemon in them when we live like 10 seconds apart but lets move on). Basically after that i got the opportunity to nickname Oshawott, (I will take a small moment to apologize for this and all future crappy nicknames,) i went with WhamShell. Was then taught how to catch a Pokemon a entirely new lesson that was full of new information. Then the journey actually began.

I encountered my first wild Pokemon a Lv 4 male Lillipup, i was fortunate enough to catch it and nicknamed it (again sorry) FurBall. I spent the next few minutes leveling them both up but god bored so i pressed on.

Ran into the professor again, she taught me more stuff i already knew and was off, then had a battle with some tosser named N. WhamShell critical hit his purloin and he complained about something.

Saved the Game.

Current Team

WhamShell Lv 8

Tail Whip
Water gun

FurBall Lv 7

Odor Sleuth


Current Graveyard

Empty Lucky me


Deposited Pokemon

None as of yet.

Thoughts as of yet.

I'm pretty excited about this challenge, I have really only completed Black or White once and used like three Pokemon a lot.
I am also pretty stocked that i got a Lillipup as i never used one early but i always wanted to.
I am also contemplating what to do with WhamShell i have used an Oshawott before so i might dump it later on in the challenge but nothing is set in stone.
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