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    Jack Davis

    Jack just shrugged in response to Alpha's shrug and he decided to head over with Delta and Lilith to head in, stopping mid way as Bravo just jumped out of the shadows and grabbed onto Jack happily. The other tickets he gave to Alpha and told the Hypno to find the others and make sure they got their own tickets. The Hypno nodded and headed off.

    Over near the dinner table Echo giggled at Spirit's questions. "We just went around camp and saw stuff people weren't using so we decided to use it. We'll return after of course! The lamp is actually battery powered, it's very nice." She smiled as she got into her seat and scooted up to the table as Foxtrot got behind Spirit and pulled her chair out for her.

    It was around that time that Alpha appeared. "Ah! A nice dinner scene Echo." He complimented as the Sneasel blushed. He gave her and Foxtrot their tickets. "Have fun you three!" He said with a smile as he walked off and Foxtrot groaned, "Oh, what a wonderful activity they will be engaging in!"

    Echo got up and playfully punched his shoulder, "We aren't being served by ourselves!" She got back into her seat as Foxtrot rubbed his shoulder, "Alright, alright. So, what would you young ladies like to order? We have a variety of berries and pokemon treats as our special tonight."
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