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    A lot of the games that are underrated are so because of weaker advertising campaigns or unjustly bad reviews (the Atelier series is an example of the former, and NieR and Resonance of Fate are examples of the latter) and have cult followings, meaning that they're only underrated in the sense that the masses who listen only to what the biased magazines tell them don't know what they're missing out on. Games aren't so much underrated these days as they are just overlooked entirely in favour of something else.

    One mainstream game that I do think is quite underrated, surprisingly, is Final Fantasy XII. This is, my opinion, the only FF that actually gets it right: the battle system is involving, the storyline goes beyond the normal poorly scripted romance plot, and overall it's an extremely enjoyable game, yet it's regarded as one of the worst by the FF fandom.
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