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Originally Posted by Bramvdh View Post
Call Of Duty 1 is actually a really nice game and underrated.

Other than that AOE II (The Conquerors)
Call of Duty 1-3 aren't underrated. They're not overrated, but they're certainly not underrated. Growing up when those games first came out, they got a lot of positive reception.

One mainstream game that I do think is quite underrated, surprisingly, is Final Fantasy XII. This is, my opinion, the only FF that actually gets it right: the battle system is involving, the storyline goes beyond the normal poorly scripted romance plot, and overall it's an extremely enjoyable game, yet it's regarded as one of the worst by the FF fandom.
Well, a mainstream game is kind of a contradiction, but there's a reason for why people think that. First:

Vaan is the most annoying character in the Final Fantasy Franchise. Maybe he's tied with Tidus, but the fact that he's the main character doesn't bode well for the player.

Second, it's not:

The game is actually loved by many FF fans and had incredible reception, if this game is underrated then I'm a monkey's uncle, and I'm pretty sure I'm not. Pretty sure. If anything, the most underrated game is FFXIII, which mostly gets dumped on because it's different and most people don't give it a chance...even though those same people were clamoring for something different.
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