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Someone is pestering you. Someone you haven't talked to before. This someone seems strangely nice.

-- velociClamper begun pestering paintSplatter --
VC: oh Vieve, don't cry!! ;_;
VC: you'll make me cry too!
VC: I know this must seem strange and scary for you.. it was scary for me too...
VC: and this is just the beginning.
VC: things will become even more strange
VC: but it will be fun too!
VC: amazing, even!!
VC: but it will be sad as well.
VC: I wish I was there and could help you! I would know how to make you feel better.
VC: but at the same time it feels so strange to talk to you
VC: and I think I will let someone else do it.
VC: but I am here and one day we will meet!!
VC: I hope ;_;

-- velociClamper ceased pestering paintSplatter --

Shortly after this, someone else starts pestering you. With another unknown chumHandle.

-- viralBlaster begun pestering paintSplatter --
VB: Hi.
VB: I will help you.
VB: Secrets suck.
VB: Make sure your server player is ready, because soon you might have to act quickly.
VB: Shape up, girl.
VB: I bet you are stronger than you think.
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