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    Hikari Natsumi Densetsu

    Hikari smiled as the boy agreed to jump on Hinata's back, as he did so together with his Eevee, Hinata started run faster and jumped over big obstacles. When Hikari and her Entei arrived at the plateau, Hinata jumped on the rocks to get where Tsurara and the ice sculpture were, time to save Tsurara's image!

    When Hinata stopped, the boy's Eevee immediately crawled into the sculpture, and not long later, came outside with a Zorua. 'Awesome!' Hikari shouted a little too excited, but she was happy the Eevee was able to rescue the girl's Link. Hikari later noticed something was wrong with her little sister, she started to worry a little but knew Tsurara and Adeline would be able to help her.

    Tsurara asked everyone if they would like to adopt the unknown little girl, who seemed happy to have her Zorua back. Tsurara smirked at her as saying "thank you" so she smiled back at him. He nudged the girl to her and the boy's direction. The girl firstly walked up to the boy and thanked him, then to Hikari and looked at her with her big amber eyes. 'I'm Kitsuko, and this cutie-' she introduced herself, like reading Hikari's thoughts. ' Kiyoko!' she introduced her Zorua. Hikari smiled at the little girl and bended down to her length. 'I'm Hikari, and my friend her is Hinata-Miu.' Hikari pointed at her big Entei, who also smiled at the girl.

    'Are you okay now? are you cold?' Hikari asked the Zorua and patted his head. 'here...' Hikari grabbed something out her pocket, a little scarf. 'you can keep it.' Hikari attached the blue, fluffy scarf to the Zorua. 'i hope you don't mind.' Hikari smiled at Kitsuko. 'That's a really beautiful name you both have.' Hikari smiled at the girl and looked at her with her aqua eyes. 'Thank you for helping me out.' Hikari stood up again and walked over to the boy. 'You really helped me and my brothers and sisters out.' Hikari smiled at him. 'I never got your name... i saw you and your Eevee alot in the forests but...' Hikari looked at Hinata. 'My link is kinda shy...' Hikari smirked.

    '(just like her human link)' Hinata rawred and smiled while laying around the Kitsuko to keep her warm after the cold she probely had felt. Hikari shyly gigled a little and pretended Hinata never said that, but the Entei was right, she WAS shy, but as a princess she had to show her thanks somehow, and the only way was talking...