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Good review, I agree with almost everything. I missed RAW this week, and I'll miss it again for the next three weeks, along with any other show, for that matter. But you made a very thorough review, nice job!

I liked everything except for three things:

-JR not staying for the whole thing. I mean, really? This man is a legend!
-Rock's title match. I have no issue with him having a match, I just expected it to be at Mania via him winning the Rumble. Oh well.
-CM Punk heel turn. Was it smart to turn one of the top faces so early? He's only been a face a year. Imo, he should've stayed face a while longer. But I'm not really complaining, heel Punk is awesome, as shown via last years pipebomb.

Oh, the adult hand part left me dying of laughter. Good to see they remember that.
he did it, not me.