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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
Except that in the anime she's not a Gym Leader. She's just a girl from the Village of the Dragons on a journey...

I'm pretty sure in the anime universe they went with Drayden as the Gym Leader.
Doesn't mean she won't become a gym leader. I could certainly see it coming, Drayden could retire as gym leader and ask Iris to take over the gym. It would be the easy way for the writers to write her off, I suppose.

I suppose an original companion wouldn't be a bad idea, problem is the main argument that's said about the companions being characters from the games is that it's a selling point for the games.

Seeing as the thread is suggesting not "the Player" or Gym Leaders, I suppose another NPC that comes to mind would be a rival, or perhaps just a random character like Younger Joey. /shot
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